NORTEK offers a wide range of proprietary products and solutions, with which we can assure a comprehensive fluids engineering service, including analysis, development, manufacturing and commissioning. Our catalog spans over a large array of standardized references, as well as tailored or highly customizable systems.

Centralized Grease Lubrication Systems

A full range of grease systems designed and manufactured in-house, including standardized and tailored equipment for single line, dual line and progressives.

Oil Circulation Systems

Custom design and production of lubrication systems for bearings, oil-film bearings and gears. Our specialty in rolling mills includes Morgoil® systems and high-speed equipment: PFM, NTM®, RSM®.

API Systems

Lube systems and seal plans for the petrochemical industry, complying with the most demanding requirements.

Air/Oil Systems

Special oil-injection systems for lubrication of bearings, roll neck bearings and roller guides.

Roll Coolant Systems

Special cooling systems for hot and cold rolling mills for steel, aluminum and copper.


A complete range of pumps, including screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, piston pumps and spindle lubricators.


World-class suppliers of filter elements, as well as standardized and custom-made filter housings for any fluid and any configuration: return, pressure, simplex, duplex, magnetic.

Oil Dehydrators

Our patented line of vacuum dehydrator and filtration systems for the removal of free, emulsified and dissolved water in lubricating oils.


Custom design and manufacturing of hydraulic solutions for industrial markets.

Special Equipment & Services

A wide range of ancillary equipment and fluid measuring and control instruments that assures a comprehensive supply.