Comprehensive lubrication and fluids technology solutions

NORTEK is a global provider of lubrication and fluids technology systems for heavy and semi-heavy industry. We design, manufacture, assemble, maintain, audit and optimize tailor-made fluids installations to fully meet our customers’ specifications. We also provide a wide range of proprietary standardized products and solutions, endorsed by over 50 years of experience in the most demanding industries, always from a comprehensive-service approach. We thus offer our clients all our competences in engineering, manufacturing, R&D, onsite installation, commissioning, maintenance and training.

100% engineers,
100% manufacturers

Our commitment is clear: we want to know it all. We like to have in-depth knowledge of the products we offer and take responsibility for the technical solutions we propose, from start to finish, maintaining full control over the delivery quality and deadlines. We are not commercial distributors working with other companies’ catalogues or a mere office disconnected from the workshop. Through constant research and development, our multidisciplinary team of engineers and designers guarantees that our own designs are optimized and customized to meet the customer’s requirements at reasonable prices. Naturally, we have our own workshops for project execution. These also serve as a training ground for highly-specialized technicians able to respond personally to any concern.

Allies to the most demanding industries

NORTEK’s customers include leading multinationals in the primary metals, petrochemical, cement and heavy machinery industrial sectors, among others. We have worked closely with some of these to develop specific solutions and have registered some proprietary international patents. These alliances have helped us grow and understand better the demands of major corporations at all levels (technological, logistic, documentary, environmental, etc.). The result of these synergies is our capability to adapt to the requirements and specifics of each market.

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Reliable dialogue,
certified quality

Today more than ever, the market demands reliable dialogue; businesses must know their vendors’ contact person and be certain of a smooth, precise, sound and well-documented response. At NORTEK, we constantly improve our organization and procedures to provide excellent customer service and specific follow-up for each project. This allows us to ensure prompt delivery and the full satisfaction of those who rely on us. We have dedicated and trained our specialized staff for this purpose, and all documentation is completed through a fluid, efficient process. Our management system is certified according to ISO 9001 standards and our welding procedures according to ISO 3834-3. We are also a pressure vessel manufacturer approved by European directive and have broad experience designing equipment under all types of regulations.

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A family business…
with a global calling

NORTEK was founded by Juan Alejandro Segrelles in 1967 as a small workshop devoted to grease lubrication solutions. Today, we are a leading company in our sector, with an award-winning track record in exports, references on every continent and the support of an extensive commercial network. However, we have not lost our character as a family business, based on the commitment of a solid and stable professional team. Every day, in every project, our efforts preserve a technological legacy of five decades and continue the bold path of learning and growth that has taken us this far.

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