A multi-purpose plant for total process control

Our production plant is located in Pinseque, a few kilometers from Saragossa (Spain), one of the most important logistic hubs in southern Europe. It is a modern facility measuring 10,000 Sq m; its first phase was opened in 2004 and its last expansion was completed in 2016. The desire to know about and control all critical phases of the manufacturing process —thus determining the greatest guarantees for quality, delivery time and price competitiveness— has always been deeply rooted in the NORTEK philosophy. A multi-purpose workshop is the best school for our technicians and engineers, and allows us to offer the flexibility in design and agile responsiveness for which we have distinguished ourselves over our lengthy history.

Boilermaking & Welding Workshop

The heart of our workshop, the bay for preparation, assembly and testing of our large systems, covers an area of 4,000 Sq m, including specific space for the welding processes under ISO 3834-3 certification and an independent area for handling stainless steel.

Machining Workshop

Most of the parts that make up our equipment, in addition to all of the prefabricated structures necessary for our complete centralized lubrication systems, are produced in this area of the workshop, which has the latest generation CNC machinery. Having our own powerful machining workshop helps us gain flexibility, as well as propose and verify the feasibility of newly developed products.

Precision Workshop

A specific bay is devoted to precision assembly, pump repair, manufacturing filter elements, and the branding and tracking area.

Blasting & Painting Booths

Opened as a result of the latest expansion, these 24-meter long booths were designed for blasting and painting equipment weighing up to 12 tons. Proper control over the quality of these processes is essential to achieving full customer satisfaction.

Electric Workshop

NORTEK designs and programs the electrical panels for its fluids systems under different communication protocols.

Test Equipment

We have specific equipment to test our systems, to complete external and internal training and to perform our research activity.