Engineering & Consulting

We are an engineering office, highly specialized in the development of customized solutions for lubrication and fluids, and in personalized consulting on the renovation and improvement of installations.

Every day at our sites in Pinseque (Zaragoza, Spain) and Auburn (Massachusetts, USA) our teams of engineers put into practice half a century of technological legacy, updated by continual research and development in collaboration with leading companies worldwide. This allows us to offer solutions tailored to the customer at competitive prices and under the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Our extensive experience in the renovation of older installations, as well as turnkey handovers of new plants, makes us an ideal ally in the task of assessing lubrication and fluids equipment for their technical auditing, optimization and renovation.


  • Onsite data collection
  • Customized design of lubrication and cooling systems
  • Calculating oil consumption in ball and roller bearings
  • Calculating gear cooling needs
  • Lubricant troubleshooting
  • 3D simulations of fluid behavior within reservoirs
  • Calculating filtration needs
  • Custom design of filters for any fluid
  • Dimensioning, tracking and optimization of piping installations
  • Calculating flowmeters
  • Design of approved pressure vessels
  • Adaptation of equipment in existing plants
  • Calculating water, air or hydraulic fluid consumption
  • Supply of fluids installations for new plants

In-house Production

We are a multi-purpose manufacturing plant dedicated to our own production, with in-depth knowledge of products and processes, and the most demanding quality control.


  • Machining of parts for control, transport and distribution of fluids
  • Production and assembly of parts for grease, oil and air/oil metering
  • Small and large boilerworks
  • Filter housings and elements manufacturing
  • ISO 3834-3 certified welding
  • Blasting and painting of parts up to 24 m and 12 t
  • On-board piping execution on the customer’s equipment
  • Skid manufacturing
  • Design and programming of electrical panels
  • Handling of stainless steel in an independent facility
  • Quality control

Historically, performing our own manufacturing has been our trademark. We are a flexible company, offering the ability to provide a fast response. Our plant capacity and high-skilled staff allow us to take full responsibility for what we offer.

Our Boilerworking & Welding, Machining, Precision and Electric workshops, along with recently installed blasting and painting booths, offer virtually all the necessary components and operations for our systems’ production. The designs created in our office are thus executed with a high level of self-sufficiency, also thanks to our staff, highly specialized in all manufacturing phases.

Research & Development

We are a growing company, dedicated to the development of innovative products, solutions and applications for fluids and heat transfer.

Our involvement in diverse sectors and industrial processes allows us to stay aware of the specific needs of each application, especially in terms of fluid and heat transfer. We like to explore the new challenges faced by companies with which we collaborate, as well as problems that traditionally have been difficult to solve. Our engineers are available to meet these challenges and propose —on their own initiative or that of the customer— both innovative developments of existing technologies and radically new products. These projects also undergo extensive testing, first under laboratory conditions and later on site.

Unlike other engineering firms, the fact of having a multi-purpose workshop and on-site expert assistance enables us to orient our development not only to the product itself, but also the feasibility and optimization of manufacturing, assembly and operation.


  • Development of new filtration, fluid separation and heat transfer technologies
  • Research on new cooling systems
  • Research on fluid distribution systems, particularly for lubrication
  • Development of new systems for optimization of industrial processes related to fluids
  • Innovation in internal product manufacturing methods
  • 3D printing

Onsite Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Services

We are a company specialized in providing on-site services through our own network of field experts.


  • Lubrication equipment installation
  • Onsite manufacturing and installation of any size piping
  • Installation of water, pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Fluids equipment commissioning
  • Specialized assembly supervision
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Periodic maintenance of the lubrication equipment in the customer’s plant
  • Specific maintenance of facilities during production stops
  • Pump repair
  • Tank repair and repainting
  • Recovery for use of lubrication equipment, magnetic separators, vacuum dehydration systems…

Our workshop staff is complemented by a field assembly team, which includes specialists in piping, hydraulics and welding. We offer proven quality assembly, very focused on providing carefully performed executions in short-time spans, with special attention to the particularities and requirements of each company that hires us.

NORTEK field technicians and engineers also have extensive experience in the supervision of assemblies and execution of commissioning services on site. We are backed by our great export experience and the high level of complexity of some of the projects that we have faced. Our staff is therefore prepared to travel throughout the world, and adapt to the cultural and technical conditions at any destination.

Moreover, we have specialized personnel in onsite maintenance of lubrication plants, which we offer both in periodic presence and for specific system breakdown and re-inspection times. This is complemented by the availability of our workshop for in-depth repairs of equipment to extend its use.

After-sales Service

We are a company committed to offering the best service before, during and after your order.

Aware that product delivery is only the first step, we try to provide the greatest possible availability to assist and support the customer with a view to optimal operation of our systems. The creation of precise documentation, proactive monitoring of incidents, and skilled technical assistance and rapid response in the supply of spare parts are some of the hallmarks of our after-sales policy.

Our dual status as engineers and manufacturers also enables us to provide direct advice on the technical modifications necessary to adapt the configuration of our systems in the event that changes occur in the initial operating conditions.


  • Monitoring installed equipment
  • After-sales technical support
  • Supporting the customer in the event of changes in operating parameters
  • Supply of original and guaranteed NORTEK spare parts

Training & Knowledge Transfer

We are trainers of technical staff, offering specific courses at our facilities or the customer’s.


  • Training sessions on tribology
  • Specific courses at the customer’s site on lubrication, grease systems, oil dehydration, filtration and fluids systems —including cooling systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems—
  • Training sessions at our workshops on putting NORTEK equipment into operation

Throughout our lengthy history, we have been requested to train technical personnel on many occasions, on both the theoretical bases of our fluids engineering and the practical aspect of our systems’ operation. Our engineers and workshop technicians are available to the customer to facilitate this transfer of knowledge and promote in-depth comprehension of the equipment we supply. We organize courses for these purposes at our facilities and the customer’s.